I'm a freelance illustrator and animator with a particular fondness for quaint and fanciful characters. I live in Melbourne and spend my free time on personal projects, gardening, and playing with my cheeky dog.

My work spans through children's book illustration, character and content development for film and television, corporate web animation, television commercials and music videos.

As well as my own solo work, I am a co-founder and creative at Pirate Size Productions, a production company creating bite-sized animation content for young audiences. In addition to creating and developing our own original IP, Pirate Size Productions also partners with production companies across the globe to develop and produce pitch materials, scripts, trailers, music composition and design.

If you’d like to get in touch or follow what I’m up to, I'm most active on Facebook and Instagram. You can also write to me at simon@simonhowe.com.au, or simply use the contact form below. 

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